Deployment Summary Panel

  • Click on "Deployment" in the left panel to visualize summary reports of each deployment Project.
  • The summary panel of each deployment project provides details regarding
    • Name
    • Description
    • Dataset Name
    • Total number of studies
    • Algorithm
    • Findings
    • Inferencing Status
  • Select "Edit" icon to edit project name and description
  • Use “Delete” icon to delete project
  • Select “Share” icon to share the project with other user. User can provide the email ID of the user(s) to share the project with other user. Registered user will get a mail notification with the link of the shared project and new user will get a mail to register themselves to view the project.
  • Select “View Analysis” to view individual deployment project detail
  • Select “Upload” to upload more study into the selected deployment project
  • Select “Download results” to download deployment
  • Select “Delete study” to delete individual study from the project
  • Select “Run algorithm” to re-run the model for selected study
  • Select "Push ROI to PACS" to send the annotated studies back to the integrated PACS
  • Select "Report Inference" to generate a public URL to share the study and/or to send feedback to CARPL support team
  • To activate the feature that allows users to add GT (Ground Truth) based on the feedback template, choose "Add GT Template to Project". This action will result in the inclusion of a GT Input Matrix form within the AI panel of the CARPL Viewer.
  • For GT, user can click on the “View” option under the Details column and select “View Dicom” to open the CARPL Viewer. User can annotate study and provide GT input under “GT input matrix”. Once the feedback is marked as complete and saved, the feedback status is marked as “completed” for the study.
  • User can see the individual deployment status i.e. not started, Queued, Processing, Processed and Failed
  • "Search box" will help to search caseid /patient id/patient name
  • Use “DICOM NODES” to connect to the PACS system